California Desert Real Estate is a discount land broker. We offer vacant desert land for sale in the Southern California desert. We have a huge inventory of raw California land available primarily in the Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, 29 Palms, and Palm Springs areas. These unique desert cities are located in both San Bernardino county and Riverside county.

All of our California desert properties are offered for sale at prices that are discounted and purposely marked below the going market value. Unlike the individual seller that is trying to reap the most profit possible from their one property, we slash our prices to the ground, like a volume warehouse, in order to keep our large inventory moving.

We have vacant land available in the following high and low desert areas:

California land has always been and will remain a great investment. Now is an exceptionally great time to buy California land because prices are so unbelievably low. offers an easy and affordable way to invest in our great state.

Yucca Valley Real Estate